Gangplank Build

The development of a pirate

Ever since Dungeons and Dragons, role-playing games have become very popular with gamers and the general public alike. Today’s role-playing games have been greatly enhanced with lifelike movement through stellar graphic animation.

Just as the aesthetics have been enhanced, so has the game play. Characters have become more developed, storylines are more elaborate, and it seems a lot more is at stake for the virtual characters – even some of the situations they find themselves in seem very “real world.”

The game Gangplank: League of Legends is a prime example of enhanced game play. Before gamers actually play the game, they go through something called a Gangplank build. It is essentially the development of the character, Gangplank the pirate, and his resources before he enters the virtual world of game play. It is a true investment in the character; to equip him for battle and to ensure that he doesn’t fail once he comes up against his enemies.

Elements of a Gangplank Build – establishing the arsenal before game play

The elements of a Gangplank build can include everything from the building of:

* Abilities – his skills

* Parley – his weapons

* Remove scurvy – his physical health

* Raise morale – gaining help from nearby allied sources during battles

* Cannon barrage – gaining help from your own nearby ship during battles

The user can build items in the mastery page, storing necessary tools for the character going on the offense (to attack enemies), the defense (to defend against enemies – such as survival items), and other utilities imperative for game play.

Elements of a Gangplank Build – establishing the arsenal during game play

The gamer also has the ability to accumulate necessary items during the actual game play – this is referred to as a Gangplank build as well. As the character, Gangplank fights enemies, and advances through the various levels, there are items that he can pick up along the way, at ideal times, that will assist him later in the game. This can include everything from weapons, to health, to defense items. As the gamer plays the game on a consistent basis, they begin to recognize what items they need to pick up and when.

To that end, there is a true strategy behind a Gangplank build. Everything is executed according to what works best for the virtual character and what will advance him most successfully through the game levels.